About Us

Since 2009, the UNSW Adventure Society (ADSOC) has made it a mission to enrich the university experience of all local, exchange and international students in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. From hiking and bouldering to skiing and snowboarding, ADSOC aims to break the monotony of university life by bringing the adventure straight to you. We welcome students of any skill and experience. Whether you're looking to tear down the snowy mountains or climb your way to new heights, ADSOC has a place for you! Get ready to face your fears, make heartfelt friendships and most importantly, have fun!

Our events are open to everyone (including non-UNSW students & non-members) so please feel free to come join us anytime, no membership required! We welcome people of ALL fitness levels and are beginner-friendly!

As a student-run society dedicated to enhancing your university experience, we strive to:

We also have an optional $5 ADSOC membership which provides exclusive benefits with our sponsors. Message us on facebook or send us an email at contact@unswadsoc.com for more information and how to join :)